12. November 2020
Most people go into buying their first home knowing it will be a multi-step process, but they don’t usually know exactly what to expect. There is definitely a learning curve involved, but that doesn’t mean you should jump right in without doing some research first. The easiest way to start your research is to go online. Websites like Redfin are dedicated to answering buyers’ top home-buying questions.
02. September 2020
Do Home Inspections Really Affect Property Value? Every homeowner who sells their home wants the best price for it. If it was left to them, due to the attachment most owners have to their homes, they would set an outrageous price for the property. But since they cannot do this, homeowners who choose to sell their homes must look at several factors to decide their list price. Once an owner decides to sell, one of the first things they do is enter their property's details in a home value...
24. August 2020
Why does my bank require an inspection and why do some not?
28. October 2019
Should you check your roof before winter? When is the best time to inspect it? What should you be looking for? Let use give you some tips and tricks to help you get started and when to call in a professional roofer.
16. October 2019
With the weather cooling down and the leaves changing, now is the time to prepare your home for winter.